Sunday, April 16, 2006

the most wonderful time of the year

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Yesterday morning, I woke to see a fuzzy blur of fuschia-pink outside my window. It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing, something that I only have the privilege of seeing a few weeks a year - our redbud trees!

Spring really IS here! I makes me so happy to see spring colors, and feel the breeze from my open windows. I revel in all the things that bloom!

A firebush full of red-orange blossoms, the lilacs preparing to burst with their purples and whites.

Bluebells, grape hyacinths, the nearly fluorescent greens and yellow of new leaves. The images don't do justice to the vividness of the colors all around me.

This morning at church, my neighbor spoke eloquently about all the creation that God has made - the wonders of nature are truly things for which we should praise God!


Sarah said...

Happy Easter! What wonderful pictures! I love spring. :)

Anonymous said...

such gorgeous photos, carrie. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful photography Carrie! i just love your photos. Especially my wedding photos mind you, but they are all wonderful.

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