Thursday, April 06, 2006

roller coaster

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Motivation is a roller coaster. I'm am not sure, however, which side of the hill describes what. There's the commonly accepted view that uphill is good, downhill is bad. With a roller coaster, uphill is all the hard work, and downhill is the fun and easy part! Assuming the latter, I'm on the downhill side. I've been struggling for the past long while to Do things that are productive, and make a difference in life. I've finally hit a spot where some things are coming together, strictly because I am choosing to move forward. It certainly makes things more fun when I finally get to work!

I've recently reintroduced myself to intentional daily prayer and scripture reading. I make a list of others I feel the need to lift up in prayer, and I pray over those people and situations. I pray about whatever else strikes me. It's good. It takes practice. I've never had a comfortable way to pursue scripture study, so I'm starting where I can. The Book is opened to a random spot, I read for a while. I would say that I haven't read more than 15 percent of the scriptures in my lifetime. The least I could do is get to know the words that my theology is built upon.

One of the topics that has been of interest to me is healing. I think it's absolutely fascinating how easily we (as in, the general Christian church) accept people being healed in scripture, and even when we hear 4th hand that someone was miraculously healed, and yet, we struggle with the idea that we, or someone we personally know could truly be healed immediately. I believe that healing can occur, and does occur. I want to find out more about it.

I think part of what gets in the way of modern healing is fear. What if we ask for something, and it doesn't happen? What does that say about God, our personal faith, the faith of others? Isn't it easier to not make the effort, than it is to be disappointed, or to question our faith? Regardless, I'm curious about the circumstances surrounding scriptural healing. I'm excited to find where exploring this topic will lead me.

It's a good thing I'm on a roller coaster. Something else pulls me up the hill, and I get to enjoy the rest of the ride.


Anonymous said...

something of interest to me the past couple of days? the gospel of judas. so wishing i had the national geographic channel as i'm wanting to see their special. so thought provoking...

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