Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Phone Virus

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I've recently read in the news about all this cell-phone-virus talk. They said that it was the next wave after email viruses. I've seen those go around enough that I believe there really are email viruses. I'd kind of written off the phone ones, thinking "who can get a virus from a phone?" I mean Really!?! Where is all the medical learning our civilization has garnered through the years?

Low, and Behold, it is true. You can get a virus from a cell-phone. Just last night, my dear husband was talking on the phone to a friend of ours. We were distressed to find that our friend had an unpleasant bout of intestinal upset, and was suffering through recovery, and possible redevelopment of said intestinal issues. My husband wished him well, and said goodbye. Roughly 4 hours later, my dear husband was viciously attacked by the same intestinal upset that our friend had experienced! I have suffered no symptoms, even though I have been in the same space as both my dear husband and our friend in the last few days. He must have gotten it over the phone.

Now I have to ban cell phones, since obviously they're unsanitary, and could cause a severe outbreak of something horrible, like bird flu, or whatever. I should make a web page about how cell phone viruses will be the death of our civilization, and write to my government officials about my concerns.


Sarah said...

Hey, I got sick after talking on my cell phone, too! Ban all cell phones! (And Splenda, milk, and dihydrogen monoxide.)

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