Friday, March 21, 2008

change of scene

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This weekend, I'm away at the artist's studio. Although the trip originally was for the purpose of finalizing some drum tracks for Jude's album, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to spend some time with the master artist. I hauled out my watercolor supplies, which have been idle in a dark closet since some months before Elizabeth was born. I certainly needed the refresher on how to use the tools.

My first few pieces remind me of something an elementary student would create. But, it's getting me going. For a long time, I've been hung up on how time-consuming it would be to prepare everything to even paint just a piece or two. But, I see that I can manage it, even with a toddler running around. We'll see how I feel about posting any of this work once I get it home.

I'm beginning to see cycles in how I work (all work, not just watercolor), and I'll need to take account for this in the years to come. I'm almost always getting back into the swing of things, without ever apparently getting to where I feel firmly settled into whatever I think I'm warming up to. Unfortunately, I think this is also true for the way I approach fitness and health. I perceive myself as almost being in the habit, almost living right, instead of recognizing that for every right decision I make regarding fitness and health, I am where I need to be!

It's hard to feel like I've accomplished anything if I never recognize what I get done. But the great thing is I see now that I am getting something done, even if it's not a lot all at one time!


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