Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in sickness and in health

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Sunday and Monday, Elizabeth and I were laid low by an unpleasant stomach bug. She didn't sleep well (which means we didn't sleep well), and she didn't keep much of anything down (poor kid). I felt particularly bad for Jude, though - he was not sick but Elizabeth thought he was the most absorbent surface, and she left her stomach contents on his person about 5 times. Yuck.

This experience made me grateful for several things:

1) Jude was home. It would have been totally unpleasant if it had been just the sick mama and the sick baby.

2) We weren't traveling in the car when we got sick, and we weren't away from home. I've been around enough of that to know it's even more unpleasant when not at home.

3) It wasn't severe. By the end of Monday, Elizabeth was feeling much better, running around and playing, and managing to keep things in. I only had one episode of unpleasantness, and the rest of the day just felt blah and achy.

4) It has been short lived. This is her first "major" sickness - we've only dealt with stuffy noses before now. I'm glad it's not drawn out.

Hopefully, we'll return to normal for the rest of the week!


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