Monday, March 31, 2008

dancing queen

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From the time that she was a newborn, we've played the song "Dancing Queen" (as covered by sixpence none the richer) for Elizabeth in the morning. Some days we dance around with her in our arms, other times she gets her own groove on. I love seeing her face light up when she hears "her" song come up on the playlist.

One thing all this dancing has taught me is that I am out of shape. She is not. She could dance forever (or so it seems). So, in an effort to improve my endurance, I dancing along, clapping my hands, hopping from foot to foot, and shaking my booty. Or something like that. If you're not an exerciser, but you have children, dancing with them is a great way to get yourself moving while having fun with your kids.

Try to keep yourself really moving for a whole song. There are lots of resources for exercise playlists. You can listen to your favorites, or take someone else's recommendations and hear some new tunes. I think you'll find that even just a couple minutes of vigorous dancing as demonstrated by any child will get you on that path to fitness!


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