Monday, June 02, 2008

ewwww.... cockroaches!

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I've been working on preparing for my Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) Exam. (say what?) Yes, the FSSMC. So I can be a cook at summer camps. Never saw that one coming... But it's something that I feel is important to do. In the state of Illinois, we are required to have someone with current a FSSMC in the kitchen during our summer camps, and unfortunately, there are few volunteers willing to put in the money and effort to have the appropriate certificate.

So, on to the cockroach part of the title:
As part of my studies, I have been learning about different kinds of pests found in food service establishments. Cockroaches are a notorious pest. I dutifully studied the images of the different varieties of cockroaches, learned about the habitats and methods of pest control.

I was definitely icked out when I realized the the creatures my husband had been calling "waterbugs" were indeed a variety of cockroach. And, Unfortunately, I have seen some in my house. Gross! But, even though I laboriously learned about pests, I couldn't quite identify my pest.

I'm not inclined to be rash and uniformed. I caught one, and it's been living in a glass jar for a few days. I've been searching to figure what exactly I have in my jar. Finally, I think I've found the right one - the Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach. Here's the pdf file that really clinched it for me. The markings are right, the behaviors seem to fit. I guess I'll just have to wait around for a few weeks (thankfully, I'll be out of the house a lot this summer) to see if they do, indeed, go away on their own.

Gross. Cockroaches.


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