Wednesday, June 25, 2008

victory for missouri midwives

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Tuesday handed a big victory to Missouri Midwives. The Missouri Supreme Court handed down an opinion that essentially said that the physicians associations bringing suit against the State of Missouri had no standing to do so. Here is the Opinion Summary.

Here are several links that really cover the issue better than I can:

The midwives aren't necessarily out of the woods yet. The plantiffs have 10 days to file for a rehearing. If no rehearing is granted, then CPM's will be free to practice in the state of Missouri! (At least, until the legislature is back in session, and the yrush to A)repeal the law or B)regulate the midwives. I'm betting that we'll see some regulation laws enacted at the end of summer 2009.) But for now...

Yay for midwives and homebirth families in Missouri!


Anna said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the update.

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