Friday, June 27, 2008

yum... raspberries!

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A few days ago, we were up surveying the garden (my lettuce is doing quite well! yum!). Our neighbor pointed out that the black raspberries are starting to ripen, so we pick a couple of handfuls. Elizabeth had never tried raspberries, so I offered one. At first, she plainly refused. Once she saw that Jude and I were eating them, she became much more interested. She tried one, and then she kept coming back for more.

So, a day later Elizabeth and I went up to the garden to pick some more berries. She knew right away what they were, and reached out her hand in her new "more"gesture (which is kind of like a "come here" or "give that to me" gesture) So, I'd pick a few, give her a few, pick a few, give her a few...

Eventually the mosquitos chased us away, but we made off with half a pint or so of fresh raspberries.

As soon as we got home, I sat her at the table with a bowl full of more berries for her. This was the result of that action:


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