Tuesday, July 08, 2008

at camp

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I didn't think I would be posting while at camp, but here I am. This is the second year Elizabeth has been to camp with us, and this year, she is much more particular about when and where she goes to bed. Bedtime is about 8 pm (really, she wouldn't mind going to sleep about an hour before then) and she will only go to sleep in the quiet of our cabin. So, with not much to do, I have my trusty laptop with wi-fi, and I can surf and post while hanging out with the sleeping baby.

The rest of the campers are off watching a movie on a very big screen. Something like 6 queen sheets sewn together. Although, due to the rain tonight, they're actually watching a movie on the screen folded in half, draped over some support rods in the lodge. It's still big. something like 20 feet wide, and 14 feet tall. Not bad for a big screen movie.

Yesterday, we did a car wash to raise money for the local food pantry. I was quite impressed - in 3 hours, we gathered $385 and about 8 milk crates full of food. Awesome! The campers were pretty good at keeping on task. Much to the chagrin of the camp nurse, I was the only person who managed to get a significant sunburn - my face, neck, forearms and legs are noticeably red, even today. I have a nice flip-flop tan now. Probably the cutest thing of the day was Elizabeth (of course).

She's an excellent mimic, and picks things up quite quickly. She saw all the campers washing cars with cloths for a bucket. She came over to check out the buckets, and played in the soap for a while. When I next looked at her, she was beside one of the girls, cloth in hand washing the fender of a car. Dip cloth in bucket, repeat. We have some pictures, but those are currently being held captive by our photographer. I'll have to post some at another time.


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