Wednesday, July 02, 2008

check your posture

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Posture is something I've been thinking about recently. I have poor posture. I spend hours at the computer, and often, I rest my chin on my hand while slumped over the keyboard.

I came across a post about poor posture, and it's something I totally identify with, especially the final comment.

I can see the effects when I look in the mirror - my breasts slump over to rest upon my flubby abdomen, and I loose several inches of height. I look like what we classically think of as an old woman. (look at the image at the bottom. 55+?!? more like 20 something at a computer...)

I dread the impact seeing my poor posture will have on Elizabeth. Time to go work on my abs, and sit on my exercise ball for computer work!


The Cooking Lady said...

My posture is messed up from some injured disks, that will be operated on in the middle of this July.

My posture and gait is terrible right now and trying to stand erect is killer. I am looking forward to this surgery so I can stand upright again.

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