Monday, July 14, 2008

smart babies

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I love how smart babies are. I didn't know I would get such a big kick out of seeing Elizabeth figure out new things, especially when she's only seen me doing something once or twice. Right now, she's holding my iPod and plugging the stereo cable into the top, which she's seen happen once or twice at camp a few days ago. Or the car wash example I gave last week.

She is writing/drawing with her left hand and holding the crayons like adults do, tucking it between her index and middle fingers, resting it in the crook of her thumb.

I also enjoy hearing her try new words. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Most of the words, she tries just a few times, and then we don't hear it again unless prompted. Recent Additions: Ear, neck, nose, knee, clothes, bike, Mom (YAY!), nana (banana) and a few others I can't recall off hand.


Anna said...

The new words this week are: no and down. :-D

Kelli said...

I think it's fantastic she's using her left hand!!

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