Thursday, January 15, 2009

a day of firsts

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Several firsts happened today -

- The lowest temperature on record since I've lived in this house. -11 degrees.

- We lit a fire in our fireplace. This required rearranging the entire living room, as the couch had previously been sitting in front of the fireplace. Very aesthetically pleasing, and made for a nice warm room!

- I saw my midwife without a toddler in tow. It's nice not to have to chase a little one while visiting your health care provider!

- I've not had my old, but nice Canon 10D in my posession. I sent it off this week for some much needed work (spots on the sensor, focus issues), and was frustrated when I realized I couldn't do my weekly pregnancy photo.

- Homemade pizza - I've enjoyed my neighbor's pizza, and helped make it, but I'd never made a homemade pizza on my own before. Jude seemed to like it, as did Elizabeth!

It's nice to have accomplished some of these thing before I turn 30. I've only got about a week and a half left.


Anna said...

Homemade pizza was in the contract when I got married. Jon made it at first, and I've taken over the duty.

We have a 30th birthday party tonight. It's going to be a celebratory year!

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