Tuesday, January 13, 2009

welcome, new year! (even if it's a bit late)

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I'm finally back at the computer with some spare time. It's been a busy few weeks!

So, I think an update of sorts is in order, to justify my absence.

Jude, Elizabeth and I took of to visit some family in the North East in mid-December. We had a fantastic time, with sub-zero temps, snow, and ice. It may sound like I'm being sarcastic, but really, it was fun. I enjoy cold weather, especially when I'm pregnant. I managed not to slip on any ice, but Jude had a slippery adventure down a sloping, ice covered sidewalk while carrying a large plastic bottle filled with water. He got a little wet, but came through relatively unscathed.

Elizabeth discovered that playing games on the Wii is fun. She constantly asks for "Cow? Bowling? Fish?" which are games found on WiiPlay and WiiSport. It seems to her like everyone except us have a Wii - she played on 3 different consoles over the course of just a week. Too Bad, though. No gaming consoles in my house (at least none that we are going to purchase.)

I had fun talking and doing a silly "walk a mile" video. It cracked me up. But at least I got some exercise in! And, I was happy to see that the healthier eating provided by my sister-in-law managed to keep my pregnancy weight gain in check. Lesson learned, and trying to incorporate that into my life at home!

We were on the road home over New Year's Eve. That's the first time in close to 10 years that I haven't been surrounded by a youth group on that night. And what did we do? We all (E included) stayed up late, ate pizza and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, watch the Ball drop in NYC (on CNN) while in the Eastern time zone, texted family in the central time zone saying things like "You are so last year," and then finally falling asleep.

We finally got home, only to turn around and leave to go help Jude's sister and her husband move and visit the Grandma and Grandpa (and the aunts and uncles still living in their home). We then proceeded over to my parents house (the Nana and the Papa) where we spend a couple days visiting with family, fixing on the truck, and picking up some items for Elizabeth and Baby 2. And so now, we are home, trying to sort out our Taxes while Jude has some time off. And accomplish whatever other tasks we can fit in.

And that's what we've been up to.


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