Thursday, January 22, 2009

toddler reading lists, and more

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Here's a collection of thoughts and happenings in our household:

I perhaps I should be pregnant more often. Or at least, in the third trimester with my due date approaching faster than I'd like. I've been plowing through some tasks that I have to do every year for summer youth camps, and they're getting done much faster than previous years. I've also been making headway on a variety of other personal projects. Unfortunately, I think the to-do list grows faster than I take items off the list!

Jude has been on vacation for the past month or so. We spent much of the first half traveling, then we spent last week working on our taxes, sorting, throwing away, and generally making an effort to find the backs of closets, the bottoms of boxes, and the surfaces of desks. Hopefully, if he's home for another week, we'll unearth even more mysterious items and lost information than we have recovered in the previous week.

I've been without a camera to document my growth for a while. Hence the lack of photo updates. Eventually I'll return with photographic documentation that I have indeed moved farther along in my pregnancy.

I saw Elizabeth get mad today. I'd seen some foot stomping and fussing before, but today, she pushed her trike over on its side. Perhaps I need to watch my behavior a bit more! Not that I push trikes over, but I sometimes set things down forcefully (throw) when I get mad.

We've also been watching a lot of Taylor Swift videos on YouTube. It's a pleasant change from MetroStation's Shake It. When I put on some of the videos, Elizabeth exclaims, "SONG! There she is!" Although, it sounds more like "SHONG! A-shay-es!"

Elizabeth has also begun requesting books by name. Or at least, the name she calls them, which is typically a key word from the story that she has picked up.

Her standard request list:

ButBown (Nutbrown) AKA "Guess How Much I Love You"
Sam - "Kiss Good Night"
Poop - "You Can Go To The Potty"
Guy - "More, More, More Said the Baby"
Pocket - "There's a Wocket in my Pocket"
Fish - "One Fish, Two Fish"
Bears - "Three SnowBears"
Cookee (Turkey) - "Blue Hat, Green Hat"


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