Wednesday, November 04, 2009


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I love my kids.

Last night, I had both with me in the rocking chair, in their fuzzy footie sleepers - Elizabeth wearing green with pink skiing snow women, Nathanael wearing blue with white polar bears (and polar bear heads on the feet. How cute!) Elizabeth had been fussing and whining and wiggly about going to bed. Finally, sitting with me in the chair, she settled down. We sang a few songs, but really what she needed was her dad.

I went and pulled out the CD that Jude and Randy recorded more than 8 years ago. I enjoyed hearing songs I hadn't heard in a while, and E liked hearing her dad singing.

We rocked away, my two children and I, until both kids drifted off to sleep.

Those are the moments that I wish I could keep forever.


Kelli said...

I love your kids, too!

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