Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fish sticks

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Some days are just not very... healthy. Take today, for instance. We're having fish sticks for lunch. Now, I did read labels carefully, and I use brands that leave out most of the bad things, like HFCS, MSG, artificial colors and the like. But still.

Fish Sticks?!?

And so, that's what we're having. Because I still can't find the counter top in my kitchen, or where I put half the groceries I bought yesterday. But I can find the freezer, a cookie sheet and the oven.

I think we'll supplement with a spinach salad, and some homemade applesauce. Sounds healthy, right?

Notice the stems of the spinach lined up in a row on the table? At least she eats something green.

And then while Elizabeth takes a nap, follow it up with a nice dose of medicinal Cookies N' Cream ice cream. Because I need it.

And don't ask about the mac and cheese we're having for supper.


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