Monday, November 02, 2009

another monday

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The weekend has passed, I'm home with the kids while Jude is off at work. Elizabeth is napping (for now!) and Nathanael is playing with a toy on the floor.

It's November, and windy. I'm in a new home. There's a lake in my front yard, thanks to all the rain we've had. I have a garage, but I'm so used to parking outside that I hardly ever think to put the car in it.

I'm feeling the need to ebay and freecycle stuff. Lots of stuff.

Instead, I'll wander about my house, putting things away, hopefully a bit faster than the kids get them out. I'm grateful that Jude was able to get a lot of stuff put away over the weekend. I feel much less like we're living out of boxes, and more like we've moved in.

We don't have any TV reception here (and at this point, I'm refusing to give in to satellite simply to watch PBS or the evening news!) There's been a little less TV babysitting going on, but there have been more movies while we do things like fold clothes and color. All the while trying to keep Nathanael from staring too long at the TV. I don't want his infant brain to go to mush because we're watching 101 Dalmations!

I don't want my own brain to go to mush, either, but there's not much help for that.


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