Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Eliazbeth!

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 E turned 4 this week.  We had a party for her last Saturday.

She requested a doll cake, so I did my best!  I used a Wilton wondermold pan for the skirt, and constructed a cardboard base,  since the doll had way more leg than the skirt could cover. 

Normally, my skills of cake decorating would not allow me to create edible, realistic skirting like the white stuff pictured below.  This was a normal circumstance, so we do our best with store-bought fabric!

Thanks to Jude for shooting some pictures of blue dress sleeping beauty while I took care of other things before the party!

I made a practice cake similar to this back in May.  Except then it was a pink dress.  Just like the movie, you know?  Pink! no, Blue!  Pink!  Blue!

Anyway, so E had a great day.  She went to one of her cousin's basketball games with her Nana, Papa, uncle and cousins.  She got several of the gifts that she had been talking about For-Ev-Er. (Tiana! Rapunzel!) Lots of cake, and watching kids movies, and hanging out with people.

On her actual birthday, we got some princess cupcakes from the store, (yeah, I know MORE gratuitous sugar, right?) watched her birthday movies again, and ate her requested birthday dinner - pancakes and bacon. Yum!  A good day, all around.

Of course, I can't not think of her birthday, and not remember her birth.  I still haven't gotten around to posting it.  Maybe some day.  Here's last year's summary.

Happy Birthday, precious girl!


Anonymous said...

I found you from the cloth diaper hop!!

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