Tuesday, February 01, 2011

my spatula

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I love my spatula.

Almost every time I use it, I think, 'Wow!  This is one of my favorite kitchen tools!"  I like it that much.

I've used other spatulas, but totally, this one rules over them all.  

And why did I pick it? It was blue.  And had a stainless steel handle.

After the fact, I discovered that it was a recommended spatula by America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Illustrated.  I totally get why.

It has a straight side that can get into corners of pans and baking sheets.  It has a curved side that's great for bowls.  It doesn't have any indentations of protrusions that snag of food.  Smooth, smooth glide.  It totally can get every last bit of food because of it's flexibility (but not too flexible!)

I just had to let you know.

I love my spatula.


Always Kara said...

I love my spatula too! :) New follower through Cloth Diaper Blog Hop

Cloth Diaper Contests said...

New follower from the blog hop at change-diapers.com :) If you love giveaways, follow our blog too! All giveaways, all the time! ;) lol

Courtney Fisk said...

following you from the blog hop! great blog. :)

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