Friday, January 28, 2011

messed up weeks

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It's been a busy week.

I last posted about building furniture.  I never actually got to complete my pieces, so I'll have to make a trip back here in a few weeks.

N didn't do well with being without Mom during furniture building week. He's been like a little magnet - If I'm out of his sight for just a few seconds, or more than 50 feet away (like in a store, when he's safe with Dad) crying ensues.  We'll have to work on this. Both kids were sick Saturday night, so we decided to drive on home Sunday. E has been whiney and tired all week.  N improved and was his happy self (assuming I was close by) until today, where more fussing and crying has been the standard for the day.  I'm hoping it's just teething?  No fever this time.

I have an unpleasant cold. Running has been out this week, but I have done some walking on the treadmill.

I did have a birthday this week (Go 32!) and have been enjoying some treats.  Today I did a bit of stress eating (hello to 3 cake pops!) with the fussy kid.  We'll have to get a handle on that.

So, there we are. hopefully next week we'll be more on track.

I need to step up my health and fitness efforts.  I think I added a pound since 2 weeks ago.  Boo.  That's what whacky schedules, sick kids and stress eating can do for you...

Back to the dealing with the crying toddler...


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