Friday, July 15, 2011

22 weeks

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More than halfway there!

Definitely OUT of my regular pants and shorts.  I can wear them with a belly band, which does a good job of holding my shorts up.  Maternity clothes still look too big.

I've been dealing with a respiratory cold for the past two weeks.  It's pretty typical that I deal with mucus and a scratchy throat for a few weeks after the actual illness.  Just irritating.

I've only gained about 10 pounds the whole pregnancy. Yay! I feel that's doing pretty good considering that I have barely exercised.  On track for average weight gain. My pelvis hasn't been bothering me as much, so I'm hopeful that perhaps it will remain pretty non-ouchy. Maybe this means I will exercise more? Ha!  Now that the air conditioning is on, perhaps I will exercise. Sure...

I'm very grateful that my self-motivation has increased.  I'm actually getting things done around the house.  I'm still super tired from staying up too late, but I just need to turn off the computer... and go to bed! 

Cakes has been kicking around lot recently.  Jude can feel the bumps.  It's especially odd to feel the baby kicking my cervix (or somewhere not on the front of my belly). Elizabeth and Nathanael both like to listen for the heartbeat.

We've been telling Elizabeth the baby will come after the leaves turn colors and fall off the trees.  She keeps asking if the leaves are turning colors. She has has told me I have a big belly.  I tell her it's a good big belly.

One of my favorite quotes from Spiritual Midwifery about labor: 'Will it hurt, Donna? No, Abraham, it will be strong.'


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