Thursday, July 28, 2011

24 weeks

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Feeling good!
I'm happy.  See?

Oh, not happy enough?  There.  I'm smiling. See? And slouching, and sticking my belly out.

We'll go for a little posing, with no left toes.  (E's working on learning composition, and not chopping off things in pictures.) Since my shirt made a bit of a tent (hello, maternity clothes!) we clearly need some classic belly holding.

I need to remember to do some cropping after taking these photos.  I'm not motivated enough to go back and crop them now, though.

And, for the comparison picture -
Top: Starting me    Bottom: 24 weeks me.

 I managed to exercise a few times the past few weeks.  Working on increasing my habit. I managed to gain around 2 pounds in the past week.  That could be influence of ice cream and microwave s'mores on a regular basis.  It could also be that my scale has been acting oddly, and I'm not entirely sure that I trust it.  Still, over all, it would suggest a mere 11 pound gain in 24 weeks. Staying on target so far.

Jude says he thinks I'm "sticking out" more than I have with previous pregnancies at the same number of weeks. I think he's spending too much time out in the sun and heat because here I am last time around at 22 and 26 weeks:

Generally been feeling physically well.  Still working on my baby gear wishlist.  It seems a bit early to be posting such things at 24 weeks, but really, I'm more than halfway there. Just a little under 4 months. Yay! 

We're approaching one of my favorite times of year - Fall!  apples and grapes and canning and baking... pumpkin muffins.... yum! but, I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have some summer left to enjoy, and an upcoming 3 week family vacation - yes, a "real" vacation where we go somewhere, and see sites, and stay in hotels.  Somehow I always manage to do a long driving vacation just before the start of my third trimester.  Nothing quite like a 24 hour drive to Arizona in the heat of summer with two small children to end the season with.  But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I recently used one of those over the counter gender test kits. (don't worry, I didn't buy it, I won it in a giveaway).  With all of E's talk of Girl, and my feeling of Girl, I was honestly kind of surprised to see BOY.  But, at the same time, just because it says boy doesn't mean much - I mean The Feminist Breeder took the same test that said BOY, and ended up with a girl! Apparently boy is the default reading.  So, it doesn't really do much for me, except jog me out of my sense of girl, and back to a "Who Knows!" feeling.


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