Thursday, July 07, 2011


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"Ahhhh!!!" (fake screaming) running around "Scared!" of what? "Dog." The ride on toy.

"Fast!" running through the house, or, alternately, rolling on the dog ride-on toy.

He is usually pretty accurate in identifying colors. He recognizes that some things are letters, and even gets some letters right.

Loves, loves, LOVES riding the 4-wheeler. Asks almost every day. "Four-wheeder. Ride? Keys? Drive?"

Favored name for Elizabeth: Bess


(while taking photos of me) "Okay, a little right - no - back. Ok! Good! Now smile! Bigger... Great! Just like that!"

She enjoys singing, especially at random times.

She has good logic skills, and can explain her reasoning and justification when she wants something.  People who overhear her often laugh or smile when she can offer a reasonable explanation for her actions or wishes. She is non-stop talk.

Collecting rocks is her new hobby.

Favored name for Nathanael: Buddy


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