Friday, October 21, 2011

36 weeks

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36 weeks. I can hardly believe we've already gotten this far!

Today, I'm doing photos in a different room.  The room I've been using this whole pregnancy is currently occupied with a pile of people and their stuff, making it not worth moving. It was much easier to move my bed, and snap some photos upstairs in our bedroom!  The light was better there, anyway.  This is also me, without makeup.  Pretty typical, as I don't usually wear makeup. Honestly, I have little clue as to how to "properly" apply makeup, and I've been an "au naturale" girl my whole life. Anyway.  So.  Me, in photos.

I think maybe the baby has "dropped."  It seems like my belly is sitting lower, and I certainly feel more grinding and twinges in my pelvis.  We're getting close to the day!

Random photo from maternity portraits!  Not a big fan of my expression, here, but I like the leaves falling out of the umbrella.

I have been such a slacker in terms of exercise this entire pregnancy.  I am hoping that it doesn't negatively impact labor, but I won't really be able to know.  I'm honestly hoping for a quick, easy birth like with Nathanael, although a little bit more forewarning would be good.

I've been pleased, in general, with my weight gain this pregnancy.  Although I will likely overshoot my 20-25 pound gain goal, I'm not too far off. (I think 26.5 from my lowest, 23.5 from my starting weight as of now.) I'm certainly putting the weight on differently, though - last two pregnancies, I was wearing size large, and those are too big (mostly the pants). Good thing I have a pile of size mediums, now!  I am totally set with maternity clothes.  I have probably way too much, actually.

I've been on a cleaning spree.  I'm trying to get things organized that have been sitting around forever, waiting for a place.  I've hauled out the baby clothes and the newborn diapers to get them all prepped for baby Cakes. I have to treat most of the clothes with something like oxyclean, since those pesky spit-up stains have manifest over time sitting in storage. No worries, though - they come out pretty easily, based on previous experience.

I have much more on my to-do list than I can actually accomplish. One thing I really need to move on is designing a baby announcement. I have designed and printed my own announcements for both E and N, and I have really enjoyed the creative process.  I've been looking around online for inspiration, and I have a few ideas percolating in my brain.  I also need to pick an envelope color from I used a blue/purple envelope for E, and a chocolate brown envelope for N.  I'm leaning towards something orange or yellow (because hey! It'll almost be thanksgiving!) but I might go with green.  So many choices!  Except for yellow. They really don't have much in a yellow envelope, much to my dismay.  But, moving on.

I STILL haven't ordered a car seat yet for Cakes.  I'm such a procrastinator. I just need to pick one, and buy it, instead of floating around the internet looking for the better deal.

I was having fun with the leaves.  See how they're falling all around?
And me all crinkly-eyed because I was so entertained?
Being so close to actually having to birth this baby makes me a bit nervous.  It's inescapable. Up to now, birth seemed far away. Now?  Not so much. My previous two births were so vastly different.  What will happen here? Am I prepared enough to be able to cope with labor? Will this baby show up during the daytime? (Might be nice.) Will I be annoyed with my children being around? Will they freak out if they're awake while I'm in labor/birthing? (We have couple of neighbors/friends on call if needed to be child-minders.) Facing the unknown like this can be daunting. I've done this before, yet each new birth brings about it's own experiences and challenges. You can count on me reading, reading, reading a lot over the next several weeks, practicing labor positions and coping techniques, and just wondering what new things this baby will bring to us to experience.


36 weeks pregnant said...

Nice Images... I like your way of presentation too...

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