Saturday, October 08, 2011

cloth diapers: my favorite resources

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Readers have inquired about how to get started cloth diapering. Since everyone finds their own method, and everyone finds the stores that they personally prefer, I'll just give you some sites that I have found helpful in my cloth diaper journey.

The first site that really stuck out to me in exploring cloth diapers was They are the manufacturer of bumGenius diapers. I'd heard lots of great reviews on the bG diapers, and they're a relatively local manufacturer. They have a How-To section that was very helpful to me.

The Diaper Pin is a great site to get cloth diaper reviews. Early in my research I found this helpful when deciding on the brands and stores I wanted to use.

Recently, I've found to be a useful site when it comes to getting advice and tips from other moms "in the trenches," trying to figure out how to diaper their own children successfully and easily.

I have really appreciated the quality and quantity of information presented over at Pinstripes and Polkadots.  There's a lot of great reading there, and bonus for me, also a kind-of close retailer.

In terms of places from which I've purchased, most of my diaper purchases have been through  Since they are based in my home state, I like that I'm purchasing from a business that is "local" to me.  They've also treated me well with great customer service.

I got my organic prefolds through They have a great selection of natural fiber diapers, and I've read great reviews on the quality of the diapers.  So far, my red-edge organic prefolds have held up well for 2 kids and 2 years.

Nicki's Diapers has a great selection and prices.  I've also purchase reusable swim diapers through the sister site,

I've purchased a few times through, before it was purchased by the current owner.  It looks like the selection has grown, and I've read good reviews about them in recent years.

There are hundreds of sites out there about cloth diapers.  It can be hard to sort through, so I generally recommend trying to get in to a local retailer to see products first hand and get a feel for how they work.  If that's not an option, using a resource like the diaper pin isn't trying to sell you a selection of products.

Disclaimer: I don't sell or make cloth diapers for anyone, I am not affiliated with any cloth diaper business, and I have received no compensation for posting about these sites


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