Monday, October 31, 2011

tired. hungry. too much to do.

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I'm tired.  I'm hungry.

This is a bad combination, in that what I want to eat requires me cooking.

Yummy things like pumpkin muffins.  Carrot cake.  Homemade bread.  Cupcakes.  Cake pops. White chocolate macademia nut cookies.  Granola (had to throw something "health" in there, right?) Notice a sugar theme?

Savory things would be great, too - like cheesy crackers, homemade mac and cheese, corn chowder... I perceive a dairy theme, there.

But alas, clearly my energy level is not quite there. So much for freezer meals ready to go after Cakes gets here.

I seriously need a nap, and so do my kids.

But I also need to seriously finish up some things that are not food related - piles of laundry, moving some furniture, cleaning my kitchen.  Even some fun-ish stuff, like using my sewing machine to do some mending, finish a few projects like curtains for my bedroom, and maybe, just maybe, start on the quilt.

My to-do list is languishing. So is my dirty kitchen floor.

I think, instead, I'll sit here for a little while longer and smell the loveliness that is my lavender-mint zum bar. And think about sweet new babies.


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