Wednesday, November 09, 2011

39 weeks (come out, baby Cakes!)

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I'm tired. Say cheese?
39 weeks!

We are almost there, almost done with being pregnant!  I am fortunate that this pregnancy has also proven to be a pretty easy journey.  No morning sickness, and generally I've felt pretty good throughout most of the pregnancy.  And, at 39 weeks, I STILL have no new stretch marks, which I find completely remarkable, considering I had them with the other two.  Thanks, Earth Mama! In the early half of pregnancy, I was dealing with some mild SPD/pelvic girdle pain, but it has improved remarkably since then, along with regular chiropractic care.

Don't forget to put in your guess about baby Cake's arrival!  I'll be closing the game in a few days.

So many projects are unfinished, but that's okay.  Things will get done eventually, and having a baby won't put life at a stand-still forever.

This morning, Nathanael told Cakes, "Come out, Baby!" Perhaps hearing it from a sibling will encourage things along?

I'm now a mix of impatient and "wait baby, not yet!" I've birthed two babies before, but each experience is a new one, entire unto itself.  I  know it's hard work, and I know I can do it, but that doesn't mean I look forward to the unknown factors involved. Actually, what I look forward to the Least is the possibility of several days of prodromal/pre- labor at night that keeps me a wake, and leaves me tired, without actually getting the baby out, or any obvious progress. Thank goodness for naps, I guess.  The upside of all the work is that eventually we'll get to meet baby Cakes, and THAT is well worth any process!

So now, we're just waiting. My due date buddy from church already had her baby. Waiting, waiting...


Week 39 Preganncy said...

you look great in the photos... loved reading your story and look forward to following along!

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