Thursday, November 03, 2011

crazy making procrastination

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I'm crazy-making.  I'm procrastinating, and still getting stuff done at the same time.  Wha?

I didn't do what was on my list yesterday, but I did spend (too many hours) time working on design ideas for the birth announcement.  I usually like to have the design done so I can order the envelopes (I like fun colors) and be working on addressing them prior to baby arriving.  I'm just having trouble settling on a color theme.  But, I have a couple of designs that I really like!

I managed to finish the painting on a spray-painted frames project, which hopefully will become a blog post before Cakes arrives.
I want my desk (and house) to look like this again.
What didn't I do?  Laundry. Cleaning my kitchen. Washing and vacuuming my floors, cleaning the bathroom.  That kind of stuff.  The Boring stuff. The Stuff I tend to put off.  I am not the world's best housekeeper.
Before one of these shows up.

So, today, I guess I'll try to hit on the boring stuff. Sigh. I made a list, on paper, to help direct my activities.  If I find myself wandering, I can go back to it.  If I tape it in front of my computer monitor, then I'll have to stare it down before I can waste more time on the computer.

Before This shows up.
So how is this all crazy-making?  Because I'm making myself crazy by NOT doing some basic housekeeping, and instead procrastinating by doing the "fun" stuff!  I don't want Cakes to arrive (and the midwife(s) and the visitors) to a house that is a disaster - dirty floored, with clutter all over the place. Piles of laundry waiting to be washed, sorted, folded and put away (did you know that yesterday there was only one seat available in the living room, because the rest were covered in unfolded laundry?)

Before food like this becomes the temporary standard in our house.
Anybody want to come to my house and clean my kitchen?  The mice have been out again (in spite of my killing several of them recently) and I Must get the gross-ness removed post-haste. Of course, that also means decluttering the counters enough to wash them. Finding homes for the random stuff that sits around. Putting away waiting projects, so they can wait until another time.

And, my other children need attention, too. Playing with them, reading with them, because pretty soon my time and attention will be significantly absorbed with a new baby.


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