Tuesday, November 01, 2011

newborn cloth diapers

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Newborn cloth diapers are so cute!

Here's what I have:
24 infant prefolds
12 Kissaluvs Size 0 (with a handy newborn umbilical stump fold down area.)

2 Dappis pull-on covers

Here's a question about the Kissaluvs, for you other cloth diapering parents: How do you keep the cotton fleece fluffy instead of clumped or crunchy?  When I dry in the dryer, it just mats the fibers together, leaving it not as soft as it felt when new.  When I dry on the line, it leaves the crunchy, and I end up spending a minute or two on each diaper rubbing the fabric against itself to soften and fluff the fibers.  Suggestions?

I didn't use these very much with N, because he had a mysterious rash that I thought was diaper related (turns out, it probably wasn't). I am hopeful that I'll have Cakes in cloth from day one, although I do have some leftover NB/SZ1 disposable diapers left over from N.

Diapering newborns is so easy, compared to the big kids! You don't really have to rinse the poo off the diapers (if breastfed), It just goes straight into the diaper pail, and really, the pail doesn't stink as much, compared to the smells given off by older kids' diapers.  It looks like I'll have two in diapers (again).  That's okay, though - it's not as awful as all that.

I tried to find a picture of one of my kids in the the newborn diapers, but alas, I have none! So here's a photo of E at 2 months with a bumGenius one-size diaper. See how it looks kind of.... big?
Even with a more than sufficient stash of diapers, I'm really interested in some of the pocket style or all-in-one style diapers sized for newborns.  Experience tells me that even with an 8lb kid, the one-size diapers didn't fit well until baby was several weeks old.  I really love my pocket diapers, but I have nothing like that for newborns.  

Anyone have a favorite diaper for newborns? What is it, and why?


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