Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a birthday in review (E turns 3)

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Since we're almost a month past Elizabeth's birthday, I thought I should get around to posting some details on the event.

Wearing her princess crown.

I think Elizabeth really enjoyed her birthday party. We made a layered pink round cake, with a crown on the top (because she loves princesses right now!).

She totally walked away with a huge pile of gifts from friends and family.

She exclaimed, "My Favorite!" upon opening each and every present. It was hard to keep her on track (for the sake of the adults who were present).

Even Nathanael thinks the new toys are great. Elizabeth did not think it was great that he kept stealing the spoons.

And of course, Nathanael can't help but be cute. He was attempting to get to the camera.

And smile for the camera.

Objective achieved! Now for the picture he took:

Thanks, son. We know what you're thinking about.

Now, back to the girl. Here she is, enjoying several of her presents all at once. The tea set. The movie. The Barbie. The wand.


Anonymous said...

the pu--y feels so warm, moist, softand tight to finger, tastes like pee once you get her pull up off and best of all she can't tell, DAMN I love them 2, just wish they couldn't talk until 13, 13 years of lovely tight young pu--y

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