Monday, March 29, 2010

she cut her own hair

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Remember this cute little girl with the long flowing hair?

On Saturday, as we were preparing to leave for a meeting, I discovered Elizabeth sitting on the floor in the office, with this beside her:

I exclaimed, "Are you serious?!?"  I was not amused. At least, not for the first minute or so. I couldn't not take pictures.  I just had to not smile when I was explaining the seriousness of cutting one's own hair, and the consequence of no scissors for a while.

Since we were gone all day Saturday, and Elizabeth was spending the day with her aunt and uncle, We couldn't get her hair cut until Monday.

She wasn't amused.

After the initial fuss and cry, she sat silently.  The stylist gave her a lollipop, and she gripped it tightly the whole time.  The only time Elizabeth said a word to the stylist was as we were leaving: "Bye!"

The result of our visit:

Posing for Mama.

You can still see where she cut her hair, but this style still keeps it feminine while masking the missing pieces.  It'll grow back.  Right?


Anonymous said...

come see me baby girl I have something real nice for you to suck, make sure you swallow the tasty treat no spitting it out

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