Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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I'm in a new home, but I can't dig a garden in the yard because I rent.

O, what is a girl to do?

Use containers!! Yes, we're going to attempt a container garden. I have a brown thumb, and we tend to be away for a week at a time during the summer, so this might prove to be a futile attempt at gardening. But still, we persevere.

The garden will be small - just one or two plants of any given variety.

I intend to plant tomato, pole beans, peas, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, bell pepper. I might throw in some other stuff, to (from a plan in a container gardening book) but if I can have a plant or two of each of those, we'll be set!

Since we don't have any trees or overhanging roof to block the sun's rays, we should have plenty of light out on our porch.

I'm working on determining exactly how many pots I need, and of which sizes. I also need to figure out which plants I'm starting from seed, and if they need to be started now, get them growing.

Unfortunately, I'll have a large outlay of cash to purchase supplies, so I can't pretend this will be saving me money this year. I'm mostly hoping to figure out how to keep plants alive. Hopefully, my kids will get a kick out of watering plants and picking veggies right from our porch!


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