Saturday, March 13, 2010

one small step for boy...

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The boy is become a toddler. The past three days have been pretty remarkable, and an exciting thing to observe. Until recently, Nathanael has used crawling as his primary mode of transportation. He would walk a few feet between adults, but only with much encouragement. He would cruise along furniture, and push objects around the kitchen (chairs, benches, boxes).

Then Thursday. Jude and I are sitting in our respective chairs, Nathanael is playing on the floor by my desk. He has an object in his hand that he doesn't want to release. He see somewhere else he wants to go. So, he lets go of the desk he was leaning on, an toddles across the floor (about 4 feet) to a file cabinet near Jude's desk. We both saw him. We gave each other a Look of "did you see that?!?" Nathanael acts like it's nothing.

Friday. More of the same, covering 4-5 feet at a time. Loosing his balance when he changes floor surface or bumps something with his feet.

Saturday. Definitely walking. He will walk several feet, turn a bit to reorient to his objective, and continues on. His balance is even better!

I wouldn't yet say that walking is his primary mode of transportation, as he will still crawl if he happens to fall down, or if he's chasing after Elizabeth.

But still!! There was a definite turning point. He's not a baby anymore, he's a toddler!


Melanie said...

so exciting! :)

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