Saturday, July 24, 2010

container gardening in july

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My container garden has been doing well this summer.

My definition of well? Not dead. Producing some vegetables and fruits.
To date, we've harvested the following:

12 strawberries
several bunches of lettuce (the spinach never really turned out for us)
4 snow peas
3 cucumbers
and about a pint of green beans

Honestly, not as much as I would have hoped, but considering the overabundance of rain we've been having, not too shabby.

We have several tomatoes growing, and a few are approaching ripeness, but the over-watering from the heavens ha caused a few of them to split and spoil. I am hopeful that the remaining tomatoes will be okay.

My big pot of strawberries is preparing a second harvest for us. I think there are more blossoms this time, so maybe we can have more to share.

I had an initial batch of cucumbers, but Something Happened to them while I was away, and the cucumbers that were just and inch or two long shriveled up and died. The plant hasn't given up, though, and put on new blossoms and is growing more cucumbers for my snacking enjoyment.

The green peppers are growing nicely, and I expect in another week or two to be able to start adding them to our menu.

The sunflowers are blossoming, the herbs are growing nicely.

The volunteer garlic from last year, that I transplanted to a pot rather hastily managed to survive, and seems to have put on some bulbs. Not too bad from an unexpected garden item.

It's about time to clean up the lettuce container and plant some new seed for the fall harvest.

Both kids enjoy helping to water the plants each day, and they like to help me pick the vegetables and fruits. Caring for the garden and picking the produce hasn't done much for expanding Elizabeth's food preferences, but at least she can see where it comes from and how it grows

In my seven or so years of attempted gardening, I would say this has been my most successful yet!


Anna said...

I have to laugh that you actually planted sunflowers. They're voluntary here, and quite prolific! I'll have to take pictures.

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