Saturday, July 31, 2010

wherein I wish summer vacation weren't almost over, and purple semis

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Tomorrow is the first of August. 

That, for all practical purposes, means that summer is winding to a close.

Only one summer camp left.
Only a few weeks of school supply sales left (I love school supplies!)
One month until the pool closes.
Just a bit longer than that, and the nights will start getting cooler.

As always summer escapes me before it is even here.

But I look forward to the things to come -
Buying grapes, apples, and other produce to put in jars for winter.
Baking, and not melting while doing so.
Opening the windows for cool night breezes.
Going camping one last time before it really is too cold for me to want to be out there.

I know there will be more things that I think of, but for now, I'm thankful for summer, and all the wonderful experience we have left over the next several weeks.

And, somewhat randomly -

If you're looking for a sign to get moving on something, here's the purple semi you asked for:


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