Thursday, July 08, 2010

absentee blogging

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I was away for a while at a church reunion/family camp. My kids were with me, so you needn't be concerned that they've been neglected for the past week. I took photos, I shared some of my baby carriers with others, and probably raised some eyebrows with my brazen breastfeeding of a toddler, often with no nursing cover!

Unfortunately, we arrived sick to camp (the sniffles, coughing, and some feverish people after arrival at camp.) I brought lots of hand sanitizer, and we washed our hands frequently to avoid passing it along. I don't know if we succeeded, though.

I must thank my brother for the use of his camping trailer. What will I do when he and his family find the time to use their camper more often during the summer?

I need to sit and contemplate the past few weeks. I'm sure I have several stories to tell, but I'm drawing a blank in the aftermath.


rebecca c. said...

You are very welcome from the whole family! Truthfully, it makes us feel better that it is being used more and we have no problem continuing to share summers with you and your crew. :) In fact, it is also a sneaky way to see you all at least twice a summer!

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