Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the cost of disorganization: $6.49

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I have had a bad habit of being disorganized when it comes to food planning, purchasing, and use.

Last week, I had a definite fail. I bought a whole chicken. It was on sale. A deal! yay!
Then I didn't put it in the freezer, because the one over the fridge was full, and the upright freezer in the garage had another door-left-open fail and is waiting for me to thaw the huge ice clumps surrounding everything in there.
So it sat in the fridge for a day or two.  I was going to roast it, but then, the water was turned off because they had a main break.  Then I forgot about it.  Then the water was off again. Then it was the weekend.

Then, it was today.  I pulled it out.  That was what made my fridge stink yesterday and today.

That was $6.49 straight into the trash can.

I've gotten better about wasting food from disuse.  I used to buy a lot of veggies, and then never got around to eating them all. Good intent, bad follow through.

Making a menu, and then making a shopping list has seriously cut down on wasted food.

It's still painful to see it happen.  And all because I never took the time to follow through on my menu!


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