Tuesday, October 05, 2010

14/14 week 3

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I just completed week 3 of my 14/14 challenge. I'm a little behind, but I'm not too worried.  At least I'm moving!

This week saw the first official drop in weight!  Yay!  I'm one pound less than my starting weight.

During the course of week 3, I increased the intensity of my workouts by using the incline feature on my treadmill. I was able to burn more calories in less time, simply by walking up hill!!  Awesome, since I should practice hills anyway - we live about 75 feet above the surrounding terrain, so going for a walk anywhere involves some hill climbing.  I missed one day of exercise last week, but I'm on track already for this week.

I've been doing a little better with my food - smaller portions, and I've been fighting against my self-sabotaging tendencies with some success.  I decided that I would buy a small carton of ice cream at the store.  Knowing that it's available had, oddly enough, reduced my urge to go out and buy soft serve ice cream when we are out.  Scratch that.  Not reduced the urge, but allowed me a method of reasonable deferment. Maybe it works because if we're out, and I want ice cream, I can tell myself that If I want ice cream that much, I can wait and have it at home. And by the time I get home, I'm usually busy enough that I forget about it.

More on the self-sabotage -

Here's how it works.  I had decided that I wanted to loose weight before I do a specific something.  But, it's like I kept myself from reaching that goal every time I would go out and buy a treat.  And I know that, because of the running commentary in my head - 'you know, if you just pass on it this one time, it will be easier the next time, and you'll be that much closer to your goal' 'but, if I eat this, then I WON'T loose the weight.  There are advantages to not loosing weight - like not having to do the thing you want to do, because that thing?  Fun, but hard. do you really want that? maybe not yet? eat the ice cream." That kind of self defeating talk. I guess the short version is that I would consume sweets fully aware that I was moving away from my goal.  There was no ignorance about it involved.  That's self-sabotage.

Maybe, by giving myself permission to keep and eat ice cream (my favorite sweet) in the house, it takes it out of the 'forbidden fruit' category.  I'm hoping.

Ultimately, I think there are some things wrapped up in the thing that I want to do, which are entirely separate from my weight.  What that means is that I need to figure out how to disentangle the two in my head, and not make doing the something contingent upon a weight/body goal.  Not as easy as it would seem, if it were something as simple as buying a new book.

Work in progress.


Anna said...

I had ice cream last night, because I had room for it. I am having a light dinner because I went to a pizza buffet for lunch.
As an aside, Cici's has GREAT cinnamon rolls, I'm betting you know this. Jon brought me two (I sent him up with an exact number, instead of going myself...) and after I ate one, I decided that was enough.
So, how are you managing your treats? Or is it that managing them is what makes them tempting?
What if you found healthier alternatives? I have a bag full of 40 calorie Dove chocolates. They're just perfect for that indulgence without the consequence.

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