Tuesday, October 19, 2010

14/14 week 5

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Well, I just finished week 5.  Not mu most shining week.  I did indeed exercise 2 days early in the week.  Well, technically the second day was not on a treadmill or anything, but I was outside from about 9:30 to 5, with the exception of an hour and a half or so for lunch and starting naps, raking leaves, hauling leaves, hauling wood, and mowing the lawn (with some nice steep hills!).  I felt that I did more than a 30 minutes worth of treadmill walking.

After that, things didn't go so well.  Kids were not feeling well, so they were not sleeping well and clingy and whiny for several days.  Dealing with that took precedence. Exercising did not occur.

I'm still tired from last week.

But this week, week 6 will be better.  I found the exercise program from way back, when I actually lost weight after my previous pregnancy. It requires that I increase my exercise to 6 days a week. It shall be done!


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