Wednesday, November 24, 2010

14/14 week 10

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Whoa!  I'm not up to date!  Let catch up on how week 10 of my 14/14 challenge went:

Last week = Awful.

I exercised 3 out of 6 days due to a sick kid one day, and me being exhausted from being up all night the next day.  I totally don't know what happened on Friday, the third day I missed.  I was tired that day, too.

So, along comes Saturday, and I'm really tense, and really irritable.  I could feel it crawling under my skin.  Two  in the afternoon rolls around, and I realize it's because I haven't exercised!  I knew I had been procrastinating, but it was really interesting to see what a difference NOT exercising could make!  Once I finally did my time, I felt better, but still not great.  I needed some out door time.  So, the kids and I went out for a ride on the ATV. Being outside, even when it's cold, does wonders for calming my mind and taking me out of a place where I'm yelling at my kids every other second.

I also got my 4th cheapy pedometer from Wal-Mart.  Those things don't last long, but they get the job done.  I've been wearing it to try to hit 10,000 steps a day.  I did one day last week - the day I walked for an hour on the treadmill, and then went shopping, then did house work for 2 hours.  Clearly, I need to clean and shop more!

I finally found the measurements I took a month or so ago.  I'll be doing an update on that next week, but based on some interim measurements, I may have lost an inch at my waist and  also at my hips.  So, even though I'm not seeing the scale do much of anything other than yo-yo, I think I'm seeing some differences.

 Jude took some "before" pictures of me.  Hopefully, sometime after the new year, I'll be able to show you something where we can see a difference.  One set is of me in a bikini (unlikely to ever be show to the general public!) and another set I'm wearing a black dress.

Week 11 will be a challenging week - The eating holiday (Tomorrow!) is fraught with danger.  So, if you're reading this on Thanksgiving Day, be thankful that you have food, but please, don't feel the need to eat it all right then.  (We'll see how well I stick to my own words of wisdom.) Another big family get-together on Saturday, where there will likely be much feasting.  My plan? Stick to my exercise program, and avoid going back for seconds on things like sweets and desserts.

We'll see you on the other side!


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