Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sunning diapers on a cloudy day

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I just read an article over at the Knickernappies blog about "sunning" diapers on rainy, cloudy days. The purpose of sunning is to get stains out of diapers, and some people feel sunning diapers helps get rid of diaper stink.  Apparently, it works to "sun" diapers on rainy days!

Read it, and look at the before and after pictures!

I've wondered if "sunning" on a cloudy day would work, especially after I read about using sunlight to purify water.  After a quick look back at the wikipedia article, it would certainly suggest that water is a critical factor in sunning diapers - apparently the UV interacts with the water to release oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, both things that can help fight stains.

So, tips on sunning diapers:

  • Lay them flat - the sun has a better angle on the diapers. Hanging them on a line drys them faster, too, which goes contrary to the next tip:
  • Keep them wet.  If they dry out, and the stain isn't gone, spray them with water, or just run them under a faucet to get them wet again.
  • It would seem that it doesn't matter if it's cloudy or sunny.  
  • Some people feel you can sun diapers inside, near a window, or on your car dash.  I think this is a possibility, but if you have the high efficiency windows that are designed to block UV rays, it might not work as well.
I haven't made an effort to sun my diapers on a cloudy day, especially since it is getting cooler, but I think I'll have to make the effort now, simply for the sake of experimenting!


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