Tuesday, November 02, 2010

14/14 week 7

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Half way through my challenge, I am not half way to my weight loss goal. 

Disappointing, but I'm not done yet, either. 

Last week (week 7) was great!  I exercised 6 days, did strength training on 3 days, and worked on the treadmill for 160 minutes (surpassing my goal of 150 minutes a week).  I helped my neighbors move large rocks for about 2 hours straight, in addition to raking leaves 2 times for about 30 minutes each time, and hauling 2 trailer loads of wood (maybe 40-50 pieces).

The end result of all that effort? I'm under my starting weight again.  That's a difference of 3.5 pounds from the high point of weight overage about a week and a half ago.  Yay! Does that mean I've lost 3.5 pounds?  I really have no idea.  Maybe I was retaining water.

I also had a food success this past weekend - I went to another church gathering where there was lots of food, most of it not very healthy.  I only ate one plate of food (and not a piled-high plate) and one dessert. For me, that's a big deal, as I tend to go back for seconds and thirds at potluck/buffet meals.  I was not stuffed!  And then, that evening - a nice salad, and 2 pieces of pizza (not 4 or 5).

Yeah!  I picked up a resistance band, as my program calls for one.  I had been using free weights.  A resistance band definitely works the body in a different way.  Well worth it!

Elizabeth has been wanting to work out with me, with "real" weights, but my 3 pound weights are too heavy for her.  We bought a pair of pink one pound weights, and they are just right!

This coming week, week 8 - the program calls for increasing the time spent walking by 5 minutes each day.  I struggle just getting in the time that I do.  Much of that is all in my head.  The kids can be fairly self-entertaining, and I can hop off the treadmill for a few minutes if I need to deal with something.  I think mostly I just don't want to spend that much time going nowhere.  I wish I had something like an Ipad that I could strap to my treadmill.  Then I could surf the internet or watch videos while working out!  Maybe.  I'd probably get motion sick trying to read something.  Books and magazines have never worked out well for me on a treadmill unless I go super slow.

So with 7 weeks (including this one) left in my program (essentially taking me to the end of 2010), if I can get rid of 1 pound a week, that would still put me (just barely!) below my pre-pregnancy weight. If I can get rid of 1.5 pounds a week, then that puts me in a range I haven't seen in more than 7 years!

I'm not done yet!


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