Thursday, December 01, 2011

2 weeks

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Two weeks old.

It passes by so quickly!  I need to record some of the things I'm remembering from this time, since I know I'll forget them, otherwise!

I weighed Adelle a few days ago (for the first time) on our kitchen scale. 9 pounds! Assuming there's not a big discrepancy between the scale used at birth and the home scale, The girl gained nearly 12 ounces in 12 days.  An ounce a day!  Clearly, breastfeeding is working out for her, even if we are dealing with some oversupply that leaves her coughing, choking, and popping of the breast when things get flowing too fast for her.

She still fitting into newborn clothes, just barely.  The 0-3 month size are too long in the leg. Newborn won't fit her for much longer, though, especially while wearing cloth diapers!

Thinking of, the cloth diapers are going well, too. We've been using cloth most of the time.  We have some newborn disposable diapers that were given to us, so I use those when I'm too lazy to go grab the cloth diapers from upstairs, or wherever they happen to be stashed. Adelle doesn't seem to be fazed by having a wet or dirty diaper.  She doesn't fuss about it, and there has been a night or two where she went for 6 or more hours in the same diaper because she didn't wake, and I didn't wake to change her.

She is for sure a sleeper.  At first, she would only wake 1-2 times a night to nurse - quite predictably at 1 am and 6 am. It seems like she's nursing more frequently in the last 2-3 days, but since she's in bed with me, and we both wake up just enough to get her latched on, I don't have a real sense of how often she's nursing at night.

She is such a precious, serene baby.  I usually catch her feeding cues (or rather just put her to the breast whenever she wakes up), so she doesn't have much to fuss about.  Adelle hasn't been upset by gas (unlike he older sibs).  We can tell when she has a gas bubble to work out one end or the other.  She starts grunting and wiggling, but as soon as the gas is out, she just relaxes again.  Sometimes, she wakes up with a cry for an unknown reason - it's so sad a cute at the same time.  The bottom lip quivers, the newborn siren is in full force. But as soon as we put a calming hand on her, she settles, and resumes her regularly scheduled peacefulness.


Melanie said...

she's just beautiful, carrie - so glad that things are going well! :)

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