Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adelle: 1 month

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We've made it to the one month mark. I think we're doing pretty well!

Adelle is a sweet child.  She still doesn't cry much. She's like her mama, and wants to eat first thing whenever she wakes up. Convenient that the meal is usually warmed up and right next to her.

Here are some one month stats:
  • 10 pounds even.  That's up 1 lb 12 oz since birth, an average of 7 ounces (almost half a pound) a week. 
  • 21.5 inches, which is really about the same length. Probably.  Hard to tell with newborns.  They're so springy!
  • Not too many nicknames out there for Adelle. E gets mad now if I call her Cakes. "That's not her name!" she says. 
  • She likes looking at us now, and she enjoys gazing at her siblings.  As long as they aren't trying to crawl all over her, that is.
  • She doesn't seem to be much of a comfort nurser.  Apparently she does not like being drowned in milk. Coughing, choking, and gasping for breath could certainly dissuade anyone from spending too much time nursing.
  • She smiled an awake smile at about 3 weeks old. They are fleeting, and haven't yet been directed at anyone.
  • Her skin is super soft, and she's got cute chubby thighs. She's so cuddly!
  • Sister's got an outie.  Seriously.
Talk about dry, flaky skin. poor kid.
All that hair!
Elizabeth's favorite thing about Adelle: "Kissing her, holding her, and holding her hand."

Elizabeth has proven to be an asset in the car.  E will hold Adelle's hand and talk to her, and when all else fails, give her a pacifier.  I wised up this time and got a pacifier for A for the car trips to and from town (a 20 minute drive).

My attempt at some of the newborn portrait cuteness.
Nathanael's favorite thing about Adelle: "Blue!"  I don't know what he means by that.

Watch out.  She's gonna take you down!
Adelle's only a month old.  Seriously, there's not much to report or photograph. She eats, she sleeps, we change diapers and clothes several times a day. (Watch out, she spits!) We watch a lot of TV.

Maybe after her nap, that is.
The photos are from the past month that never quite made it to the blog. Many of these are two weeks old.  Yeah. I'm that behind.   Poor kid is suffering 3rd child syndrome: even fewer pictures than child 2!  I think it's kind of silly that my photographer-husband doesn't take candid shots of his family.  Good thing I have several cameras and a couple of willing young children to play photographer.

 And an arm. That helps with the self portraits.

Mama and her girl!


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