Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 years of (mostly) wonderful

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9 years ago, I married a wonderful man! It has been a (mostly) wonderful 9 years. Although, I can't really point out any particular event or timeframe when it was not as fun.  It's been good.  It's been great!  I love Jude, AND I still like Jude as a person!  We still joke around about random things, argue about trivial things, dream big and small together.  We stay up late into the night talking, when we both know we should have gone to bed hours ago.

We've learned to improve our communication skills over the years. We've learned to be more understanding, and take time to pause when we're ready to lash out in anger.

We've certainly changed in 9 years.  Our interests are different than they were. Each of us has changed physically. (Hello baby belly, Goodbye hair!)

I'm happy to be married to Jude, and I wouldn't trade him for anyone.

I love you, Jude!


Thistledowne said...

That was beautiful Carrie. Congratulations on such a wonderful tale to relate.

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