Sunday, December 11, 2011

sweet baby days

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3 weeks! This is just moving too fast.

Adelle is making eye contact with us now, and watching faces and the world around her with much greater interest.  She is stretching out more, and has lost much of that "newborn" look and smell.

She doesn't cry much, but she does fuss about things - grunting and growling, along with flailing arms and legs. She prefers to be upright - she likes to walk around that way, and fall asleep in arms or baby carrier/wrap that way.

Elizabeth and Nathanael have been doing really well with her.  Elizabeth is very careful when she holds Adelle in her lap on the couch, and they'll sit together and watch a movie for long stretches of time.  Nathanael likes to get nose to nose with Adelle, which is fine  for a few seconds, but the Adelle turns her head away, and he persists in getting in her line of sight.  A work in progess. Otherwise, he's very gentle with her - no pinching like E was prone to at a similar age.

The dark circles under my eyes have not diminished, but I feel well. No sign of postpartum mood disorders (a concern since I had anxiety/panic attack issues for months after E was born).  I'm looking forward to getting back to exercising, but I see that it could be a challenge to get that fit in. Adelle really likes to be in arms, and of course, I really like to sit around cuddling with her.  I think first steps will literally be steps - hopping on the treadmill for a few minutes here and there during the day.

Now we're looking out for the next big things - first smiles, awareness of hands and feet... we've seen some expressions that might be precursors to smiles. Just waiting for the show of gummy smiles to start!


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