Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nathanael at 15 months

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It's been a while since I've had an update on the boy.

At 15 months, he's about 20 pounds, and somewhere around 31 inches. I haven't measured him recently, because the second child never gets as much attention or as many photos.

He is talking. We have confirmed that his first word was "balloon," and he still happily exclaims "Balloon!!" whenever he sees a real balloon, a picture of a real balloon, and cartoon balloon, or anything that is round and remotely resembles a balloon.

He also says things like "That! That, that that!" when he sees something he wants, like Mom, Dad, car keys, toys... He tends to stomp his feet rapidly while doing this.

Thinking of keys, whenever I get my keys, he starts waving "bye-bye" madly. If I say "go" or "post office," it's the same response.

Other vocabulary words: moon, drink, light, Mama, Da, keys, bird

He recently did his first sign: more/again. He started doing this about the same time that we taught him how to bump fists (we say "knuckles!"). He also enjoys giving a high five.

He is very ticklish. He likes to run away from me with a big smile on his face. I say "Hey, runner!" and he giggles, and runs more.

He likes to throw balls, sit on bikes and other riding toys. He also gets a kick out of bouncing on the edge of the inflatable ball pool.

(Click through for the video.)

Nathanael is a comedian. He makes faces at people that he knows will elicit a laugh.

He likes to drive toy cars on things and people. He likes to eat crayons, paper, and all manner of things he shouldn't. He loves berries, but his hiney doesn't love him when he loves berries. He eats strawberries right off the plant.

He's managing steps much more safely. This is good as our new old home will have a long flight of steps to get to the bedrooms.

He loves his daddy, a lot. Whenever Jude comes home from work, Nathanael stops him at the door, clings to his legs, and insists that he be picked up immediately.

He still sleeps in our bed, and nurses all the time. And, thinking of food, he had his first twinkie. I had my first twinkie in something like 8 years. He was messy. I was not. I think.

He had his first hair cut a few weeks ago. Jude thought the wings that stuck out over his ears needed to go. (See picture above.)

Now he looks much more like a big boy.

He loves to give Elizabeth hugs. When she gets in trouble and is sent to her room, he follows, even if she got in trouble for pushing him or taking a toy. He doesn't like to see other people upset.

He is a very dramatic person, himself. He has the best pouty face.

He enjoys reading books, but he thinks all books should be short books.

He likes music, and he likes it loud. He loves dancing, and is exploring a wide variety of dance moves.

He is a wonderful little guy.


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