Thursday, August 12, 2010

go sew, young woman!

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I want to sew.

Since sometime last week, I've had an urge to haul out my sewing machine, which is currently packed at the bottom of a closet, and hasn't been used since sometime last summer.

I have a stack of projects I want to work on.

Here are some of my tasks:

closet curtains for the new house (as several of them lack doors)
new liner for the diaper bag
quilt for my nephew
cloth pads/mama cloth
some minor repairs on clothing
camp t-shirt quilt (finally!)

I'm sure there are some other projects sitting in boxes.  And I know that even if I finished all of these, there would be something else to work on.

Once we're settled in a the new place, I'll be able to make some space for my projects.  One thing at a time. But really, can't it hurry up?

Also: I'm wondering when it would be time to start Elizabeth on some sewing projects.  She's 3 and a half now. What kinds of projects would be appropriate? doll clothes? little quilts?


The Cake-at-Home Mom said...

My mother-in-law gave me a brand new sewing machine about 5 years ago. She was suppose to teach me how to use it, since she used to be a seamstress. Sad to say she never got around to it, and that sewing machine is still 5-years brand new still sitting in the box. =(

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