Friday, August 20, 2010

on unpacking, and mopping

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I've been slogging through boxes, but it feels like more boxes keep showing up (because, perhaps, they really do keep showing up?)

I have an unfortunate habit of being indecisive, and then, since I can't decide, I don't do anything.

An example: I have several boxes sitting on shelves, waiting for me to take the books out and put them directly on the shelf.  However. Not all of the books or shelves actually fit in this room, and some will have to be relocated to other areas of the house.  Likely, the upstairs, which is currently unoccupied, because we're doing some fixin' and paintin' and floorin' before we move our bedrooms upstairs.  So.  I don't want to unpack books onto shelves that I'll have to move shortly to do the aforementioned work. And.  I'm undecided on what books I want in the office, and which I want upstairs.  Impasse.

I'm also slightly short tempered, because I'm tired, and because Nathanael found my container of Sharpies before I did, and added some artwork to my computer desk.  (At least he missed the computer and peripherals.  Can't say as much for his sister when she did the same thing.)

On the upside - I discovered the horizontal surfaces in my kitchen and dining areas. I also have managed to kick in some of my regularly scheduled cleaning, like mopping, and toilets.

Did I just say mopping?

Seriously the bane of my existence. Funny, because every time I actually mop, I think to myself that it's not so bad.  Again, it goes back to indecisiveness, combined (complicated?) by a perfectionist streak - since I feel like I can't get the floors as clean as I really want them to be (time constraints, dirt that was there before I was born, etc...) then I just won't clean them at all.  That's why when my parents came to visit when Elizabeth was born, my dad kindly scrubbed my floor (on hands and knees, no less!) since it hadn't been anything more than spot washed in oh.... a year?  Gross, I know.  I'm getting better though.  Like I said, I mopped today.  In the kitchen. And the bathroom, the floor upon which Elizabeth later missed the potty in her rush to use it. Sigh. But, hey, yay for not wearing diapers!

I also watered my plants, and played on the internet.

Life is slowly returning to normal.


MIG said...

I completely understand about not getting totally unpacked and letting your floors go. I'm the same way. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the amount I have to do that I decide not to deal with it. When it comes to the floors, I don't clean them as often as I should either. Vacuuming I can do but the floors I tend to avoid.

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